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help my son

Help my son Hello my German is not so good so I write in English. times I need help, my son 10 years old, he is suffering from phimosis and we were at the doctor . The doctor said you should watch if you can stretch the foreskin . so he could avoid surgery . He explained what he would do now , and began to stretch the foreskin . My son got a hard penis what it was bit embarrassing , the doctor said they could do the stretching exercises better if he had a hard penis and it would be a good thing. He continued with the foreskin slide back and forth , and it stimulated my son . My son was for a time a little different. I spoke to the doctor on it, he just said it would be ok as it is and not due to distressing . How do I let him continue . Then I realized that my son was really stimulated by and just before orgasm was . I made the doctor it carefully , this told me that it would all be okay and it would be necessary to make this medical practice to an end , even if it means sometimes one would come to orgasm. He continued , and so did my son to his very first orgasm in his life. It was very intense, he was quite stiff on the body, breathing fast was absent and put on the legs . Then the doctor stopped while then my son waited outside, told me the doctor ,it was so far everything in order, and he must do this stretching exercise just as the coming days, he knew how to do it then yes jetzt.Denn would be after about a week the foreskin stretched enough and it would be healed. My son did this so continue at home, after bathing or showering. And he did exactly as the doctor also to stop until orgasm instead before. So my son now knows that masturbation and this still makes the day even though stretching exercises should not be done because thank God everything has healed well. I know that personally from England not going as far as a doctor. Stiff penis okay but quickly stimulate happened? What are your experiences this? And how should I react to my son that I forbid ornanieren??


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I don't see a problem here. Even as he is just 10, masturbating will not harm him physically or mentally. If I were you, I wouldn't make too much ado about the whole thing. I should not forbid anything here; to what avail? If your son is mentally stable, from masturbating now and than he will not develop a sexual obsession or anything else.

In my opinion there was no need for the doctor to go to that extend wile showing your son how to practice this stretching to cure phimosis. But don't worry, he will overcome that experience more at ease, when you don't put any attention or stress on this at all.

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I think so, too!

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Hallo byran12345,

Ja und wenn es Deinem Sohn Spaß macht ist das doch kein Problem - auch wenn so etwas früher streng verboten war!

Evtl. kann ja der GCHQ oder ihr großer Bruder solche Fragen zum Thema eher beantworten. Die verstehen auch mehr von Englisch mehr als ich, ja und haben evtl. auch die entsprechenden Fachleute an der Hand um so etwas zu klären! Wenn sie schon dabei sind ...

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